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Slow Food Bowl Anti Choking Cat Bowl Dog Basin Puzzle Feeder Healthy Pet Rotating Game Board Pet Products

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Product description


With its three-tiered design, this interactive feeder features rotating layers that hide portions of your pet’s meal. As your pet nudges and spins the layers, delicious kibble or treats are gradually revealed, stimulating mental agility and providing an engaging mealtime experience.

The non-slip base ensures stability during play, while the easy-to-clean construction simplifies maintenance for busy pet parents.

Promote healthy eating habits and mental stimulation for your beloved companion with our 3-layer rotating puzzle pet slow feeder—making mealtime an enriching and enjoyable experience every day.

Product information:
Specification: 7.5*26 * 26cm
Material: PP
Category: Pet tableware

Packing list:
Rotating Feeder*1 

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