Since Rialto opened in September of 2013, our goal has been to redefine ones typical visit to an Italian restaurant by giving our customers an overall experience and not just a meal.  Rialto is the third restaurant from the successful trio of Washington D.C. restaurateurs Ben Kirane, Moe Idrissi, and Joe Idrissi.  With the plethora of Italian restaurants in D.C., the above trio’s goal was to create a complete Italian dining experience for their guests; from the cuisine, to the décor, to the warmth of the service.  The newly decorated interiors have a modern flair, but still bow to the beauty and splendor of romantic Venice.  Dark hardwood floors, beautiful crescent bar, light and airy atrium, and exquisitely-crafted fireplaces, all add to its mystique.

“Our idea was to create a certain allure that would keep guests coming back time and again; not only for the food but for the dining experience created within the walls” according to Joe Idrissi 

Once you have been captivated by the alluring charm and authentic Italian cuisine at Rialto, you will want to try our other popular restaurants in Georgetown —  Bodega and Thunder Burger!

Whichever of our restaurants you choose to dine in tonight, we promise an experience that will keep you coming back time and again!